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Crescent | Digital Media Solutions provides web-based business solutions to enhance company scalability .

Atlanta, Ga/ November 4, 2019 Crescent announces new tech support partnership with The Bosspreneur Business Circle®. Crescent provides businesses with internal software strategy to increase productivity and connect with their intended consumer. Crescent also provides engaging website design for companies to attract and retain users.

The Bosspreneur Business Circle® provides coaching and educational resources that allow women business owners to start, grow and scale their business. CEO and Chief Bosspreneur, Becky Davis, garners her 20 plus years in corporate training to coach female entrepreneurs on strategies that will free them from the rigor of a regular job and allow members to flourish in their purpose.

This latest partnership with Crescent allows The Bosspreneur Business Circle® to expand on their program offerings while maintaining and agile and engaging membership platform. Members will now have access to an in-depth support forum, enhancing their user experience. Additionally users have access to a website support agent for any follow up questions or access issues.

The trajectory of the gig economy mandates a need for small business website support. the flexibility of this service allows a support agent to manage technical issues so the business owner may focus on the company’s growth and development.